Differential Pressure Gauges

Consisting of two bourdon tubes, one for high and one for low pressure line and the pointer of the instrument gives direct reading of differential pressure. Each bourdon tube can take maximum pressure of 1.3 times the maximum range shown on the dial and manufactured in dial size of 150mm.  

We can also offer Magnetic Type Differential Gauges as per following catalogues:-

Download PDF Catalogue 

200 DGR Catalogue 340 KB Download
200 DGR Instruction Manual 214 KB Download
200 DPG Catalogue 497 KB Download
200 DPG Instruction Manual 204 KB Download
300 DGC Catalogue 341 KB Download
300 DGC Instruction Manual 209 KB Download
400 DGC Catalogue 288 KB Download
400 DGC Instruction Manual 182 KB Download
600 DGC Instruction Manual 213 KB Download
Explosion Proof Catalogue 364 KB Download
Explosion Proof Instruction Manual 163 KB Download
Magnetic 526 KB Download

How to download:
Right Click on download, click on save target as, and save the file to your disk, the file will be open on Acrobat Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader 6.0 or above to view the Catalog